Adoption Fundraisers

Fundraising stinks but adoption is not cheap.  We feel so blessed to have been able to team up with these amazing organizations while we raise the funds needed to bring our little one (or two) home. 
We are also incredibly grateful and immensely humbled by the outpouring of love and generosity we've received from our family, friends and strangers as we've worked to bring our newest little one home. 

147 Million Orphans:  147 Million Orphans was started by two adoptive mom's wanting to make a difference.  147 Million Orphans not only provides a way for adoptive families to raise funds to bring their little one home but they also provide opportunities to sponsor children, go on relief trips, provide necessities for orphanages and raise awareness to the more than 147 million orphans living around the world. 

In order to ensure we receive credit for your purchase from 147 Million Orphans, you will need to click the link above or the picture below to shop!

Just Love Coffee:  Click on the link or the coffee picture and stop at our 'store front'.  We receive $5 from every coffee purchase and varying amounts for the other products.  Click the link here or from our web page to ensure we get credit for your purchase.
Don't forget to stop by here and read why Rob and Emily started Just Love Coffee

Ordinary Hero:  Kelly Putty started Ordinary Hero after bringing her son home from Ethiopia.  The mission of Ordinary Hero "is to inspire and empower ORDINARY people to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child in need."  They do this through local outreach programs for children in need to child sponsorships of children in Haiti, Ethiopia and Uganda.  Check out their website and see how you can join them on relief trips or sponsoring a child. 

Shop here and choose Meredith LaGorga from the affiliate drop down box when checking out so we will get credit for your purchase.  We receive 40% commission from each purchase. 

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