Saturday, September 29, 2012

September #'s

Numbers, numbers, numbers.  Who would have thought life could be so easily defined by 3 numbers.  Three little numbers that have the power to dictate our future. 

Here are our current wait list numbers:

Boys: 55 (no movement)
Girls: 72 (down 3)
Siblings: 26 (down 1)

Not much movement to be excited about this September.  Although there is one thing to be excited about; 4 children have now been matched with their forever families.  Four less orphans in the world...

So while we pray for more movement in the coming months, we rejoice that 4 more orphans are now waiting to meet their parents, become part of a forever family and grow in the love that only a family can provide. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Bits of Stuff!

First - if your local to northeast Ohio, my friend Michelle is having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday to help raise the ransom needed to bring home their son.  Renars is 12 years old and has some special needs.  He needs to see a doctor soon, like last month and the sooner they can get him home the better!  They have a ton of great stuff (awesome baby gear, dining room tables, dresser sets, a kids fire truck bed, books, etc) and need to sell it ALL!  So if you're in the area and want to stop by, let me know and I'll get you their address!  There's also a bake sale and coffee/cider sale with some of the baked goods coming compliments of me... they're good.  I promise.

On the other side of adoption, my friend Allison is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Allison and her family are waiting on a referral for their daughter, Caroline Faith, and as they wait they are spreading the adoption love. Head on over to Allison's blog and check out her Bayt Boutique giveaway. The best part of the giveaway?? Bayt Boutique is raising funds to bring their little girl home from Ethiopia! Jenny from Bayt Boutique is a fellow AGCI momma and my favorite piece of hers:

I've been all about chalk boards lately and love the distressed - shabby chic look of this!  I also love their distressed shelves.  I can think of a few places either one of these items would look great in my house! 

Lastly, dear friends, would you read this post from Adeye and pray for Zach?  Maybe share his story or donate to his adoption fund.  This little one is longing for a family and you just never know, maybe you know a family that is his family or maybe that family is you.  Mostly, would you join me in praying that Zach will feel the love of his heavenly father while he waits to feel the love of family here on earth.  Every child deserves a family.  Zach is no exception. 

And because no post is ever complete without a Gabe photo. I'm on my parents computer so this is an oldie. 
Isn't he cute?  He has the look of being well cared for and loved.  Boy is he loved.  Tonight, I'm praying this for Zach:  to have the look of being well cared for and loved deeply. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to the Apple Festival

I grew up going to the Apple Festival and as luck would have it, Gabe is too. 

Gabe at the 29th Annual Apple Festival... just 5 weeks old.

His second visit was talked about here

Last year we were already living in Houston but were on vacation in Daytona Beach.  Even if we still lived in Ohio we would have missed the 31st Annual Apple Festival.   But this year, we made it!

Gabe's mood was a little livelier on Saturday afternoon so we figured a nice walk would do him good.  And good it was.

We hadn't been to a fair since the Rodeo and Live Stock show so we enjoyed our fair share of fair foods!  Gabe had chicken fingers, Matt had a cheese steak and I had a cheese sizzle.  We shared a funnel cake and left with a gallon of Grobe's apple cider. 

Besides all the lovely food we enjoyed the brisk fall air and ran into friends we hadn't seen in ages.  To top it all off, we left right before the rain started! 

Here's to hoping we'll be missing the 33rd Annual Apple Festival because of a new little one at home with us!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's cold up here and other stuff

Chilly.  Autumn was always my favorite season but coming from 90 degrees and lots of sunshine to 55 degrees and lots of clouds is making me second guess that decision. 
We walked off the plane and moseyed our way over to Gabe's cousin Caleb soccer game.  Gabe enjoyed watching the game but enjoyed romping around in the grass more.  And sitting on Papo's shoulders?  That was his favorite part. 
 During our visit to Ohio Gabe also went to the dentist.  For the first time!  My cousin is a pediatric dentist so we saved our dental experience for someone who would care about Gabe no matter how he behaved - ha!  Gabe did great until the seat started to move back.  So he sat in my lap, laid his head back on Rocky's lap and was a trooper.  I can't say there were no tears but Gabe let Dr. Rocky check out his teeth.  Dr. Rocky said his teeth look great; the enamel looks very strong and there are no weak spots to be concern him. 

Adding to the excitement of soccer games and visiting to the dentist, were hair cuts and dum-dum lollipop.  Gabe went and had his hair cut by my hair stylist (and friend) Eliot!  After sitting still and calm to get his hair cut, Gabe was in for a real treat.  A lollipop!  Gabe had his first lollipop!  Yes, he's 3 and no, we're not completely anti-sugar.  But Gabe doesn't like sweet things and there's no reason for us to push candy on him... so at the age of 3, Gabe had his first lollipop.  Boy, did he enjoy it! 

I love the look on his face here... he was really into that lollipop!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gabe Update

Surgery went great on Friday.  Thank you so much for the prayers. 
Recovery?  Well, it could have been much worse.  He woke up a little bit better from the anesthesia than the last time but it was still pretty heartbreaking.  Especially now that he can articulate how he's feeling.  The first time he said "eyes hurt Mommy" I'm pretty sure my heart broke.   But knowing Gabe does best in his own environment we quickly had the nurse remove his IV and we readied to head back to Nonny and Papo's house. 
Now?  He's taking pain medication (benefit to being able to tell us if he's in pain) and antibiotic eye drops.  He does not like the eye drops but he does them like a champ.  Lies down, holds still... poor little guy.  The white of his eye is all blood red and looks so uncomfortable and we've been having him sleep in bed with me so that I can prevent him from rubbing his eye through the  night.  He really likes to try to rub his eye when he sleeps. 
But the biggest hurdle?  Trying to keep Gabe calm.  The nurse told us no rough housing for a week.  Gabe's favorite activity is wrestling.  After wrestling it's jumping on the bed.  Gabe has an endless amount of energy so trying to convince him to be as still as possible is pretty impossible. 
At the hospital Friday morning.

Playing on the iPad while he waited. 
It will be 4 - 6 weeks before we see results to his surgery but I have high hopes that his eyes will be working together better soon. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Tomorrow we'll be heading to the Cleveland Clinic for Gabe's eye surgery. 
His 3rd eye surgery. 
 And I know in the grand scheme of things it's just eye surgery. 
But it's surgery on my baby. 
I know Dr. R will work his magic and the surgery will go well.
It's after the surgery that I'm most worried about. 
Gabe has some trouble waking up from the anesthesia. 
Not waking up per se but the in between part of sleeping and waking up.
Poor little one gets stuck in that little phase and gets terrified.
If you'd be inclined, please join us in praying for Gabe.
For the surgery.  His safety.  And his security. 
Thank you, dear ones.

Gabe at his  pre-op physical. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Splash pad fun!

The pool may have closed a few weeks ago but thanks to our neighborhood splash pad we're able to have some water fun still. Good thing too because Texas apparently didn't get the memo and autumn is no where to be found!

And for memories sake, pictures from our last trip to the pool. Snack and swimming with Daddy and the basketball!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Whenever Gabe is playing with Matt and I come in the room he looks at me and says "see you soon, Mommy." Ha!

And just because he is super cute when he pushes the swings at the park!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a regular day!

From the early mornings "Mommy" until he says his prayers and closes his eyes for the day, Gabe is always on the go.  Always.

To maintain some sort of order and keep the chaos to a minimum on weekdays we have a little bit of a schedule.  Depending on what time therapy starts depends on how many structured activities we have in the morning.  If therapy is at 11:00 we have one.  If it's at 1:00 we have two.  The afternoons are similar in we have two structured activities if therapy is at 11:00 and one if therapy is at 1:00.  Structured activities include exploring dried beans, coloring, painting, blocks or puzzles. 

Structured activities mixed in with free play has been my sanity saver.  Because Gabe gets all of my attention during structured activities and most of my attention during unstructured play time that I have a chance to do laundry, cook or clean!

The rest of our day is filled with therapy activities and good old  unstructured play!  Throw in a visit to the splash pad and activities go right out the door!  But whatever we're doing, Gabe does it full force.  He never slows down.  Never.  And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Staying at home with Gabe is better than I could have ever imagined.  I am so thankful for a husband that works so hard to make it possible and a God who gave me the job of my dreams.  It's better than I could have ever imagined and a little bit more tiring too [smile].

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zoo Family Fun

A family Saturday at the zoo.  It may have been a little hot and slightly humid.  But we persevered and our goal of a fun, family day at the zoo was accomplished! 

This was such a beautiful tree.  Hundreds of years old and perfect for tree climbing.  This would look awesome in our back yard!
A little  piece of our heart could be found at the zoo.
Elephants and elephant bath time.  Watching the elephants have a bath was a lot of fun!
A crocodile with Gabe's reflection
Every self respecting zoo in the south has a splash pad to cool off when the days are hot.  This mama just needs to remember that a second set of clothing isn't enough - bathing suit and towel are definitely on the list for next time! 
Gabe and his Daddy
Visiting the Dinosaur Exhibit was a must on our list of animals to visit!
Ornithomymus aka Dinosaur Train Conductor
The zoo is one of my favorite places to visit, Gabe usually loves it and Daddy is warming up to more frequent visits!