Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two AWESOME fundraisers!

Life has been a little on the busy side right now and the first thing to get neglected is always the blog.  While I'm working on catching up (we have been having some fun times lately), I'm not there yet but I didn't want anyone to miss our on two awesome fundraisers we have going on. 

The first one is an online auction that started TODAY via Facebook.  We have some incredible items donated by some incredibly generous people:

The auction goes until Sunday night at 9:00pm (est).  If you have Facebook come on over and find me!  I'll add you to the group! If you don't have Facebook, well you may want to set up a dummy account just to get in on some of the action.  Who doesn't love an auction?!

The second is a very generous offer by one of my favorite jewelry makers!  Tracy from Junk Posse is donating 20% of ALL of her sales from now until April 10th to our family!!  While a lot of her jewelry is designed with an international mindset there truly is something for everyone!  Think Easter, Mother's Day, birthday... her jewelry is handmade and absolutely gorgeous.  I wear my necklace from her shop every day. 

We are so incredibly thankful for everyone that has come along side us to help with this final step of bringing our boys home.  Our boys.  I never tire of saying that! 

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