Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Airport Homecoming. Two months home.

Some nights as I lay in bed I think of a million things to share about our time since picking the boys up at their orphanage but actually opening the computer and putting them into words seems impossible.  Some of it is too sacred, some of it belongs to Thomas and Samsel as it is their story to share and then there are most days when I am too tired to even think about typing more than the usual few words pecked out on Facebook.  

Right now.  Life is hard but it is beautiful.  
We're still learning about each other and slowly Thomas and Samsel are learning to trust us.  
Bit by bit, day by day smiles get brighter, hugs are more eagerly received and our family continue to blends.  We have a lot of time to make up for together, losses to redeemed and love and trust to be found.  

Two months ago we landed in Cleveland; anxious and excited, nervous and (slightly) afraid.  But joyful, relieved and extraordinarily thankful.  

That my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever - Psalm 30:12

Two amazing photographers captured some of the our most precious moments as Gabe met his brothers, are friends and family met the little boys already so dear to their heart and our life as a family of five truly began.  

Gabe waiting for Thomas and Samsel

This is what a brother looks like when he first sees his new brothers.

Part of our home team.  So thankful for them. 

Biology doesn't always give you sisters but life does.  

Hannah's Hope besties together again.

These photographs.  They capture everything.  
The end to one journey and the beginning of another.
So much joy; unspeakable joy. 
And a journey like no other.  
A journey of faith and hope, love and loss, letting go and letting God lead 
us to where we needed to go.
A journey of two little boys from one side of the world to a family that they needed and a family that desperately needed them.  

Adoption comes from loss but is filled with hope.  It's nothing if not bittersweet.  So we take the bitter, we take the sweet and we keep journeying on. 

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