Friday, May 15, 2009

They Were Given a Chance

In my opinion adoption is a win-win situation. The adoptive parents are given the most wonderful gift I can ever imagine; a family, the baby is given a chance at a wonderful life they may have never known and the birth mother who is not quite ready to be a mother can hopefully have closure in a positive, yet still very painful, path. Adoption is about love and love is a good thing. It's also about giving people a chance; a chance to be a mother or father or a chance to grow up in a home, cherrished and loved. Adoption is a good thing and from our experience in adopting, past, present and future, I expect good things!

All of these people were given a chance; now I just wait for our chance; to be parents, to have a family and to give life, just not in the traditional way!

God Bless, Meredith

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