Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Victories

There's a song called Little Victories and if I had the ability or the time to figure out how I would put it in this video.  But I don't know how and don't have the time to learn!  The quality of this video isn't the greatest, there are even a few moments where Matt even puts his finger over the lens (again, zero video editing skills) but the actual video...  the footage captured for well, forever.  It is priceless.

Matt captured these moments at my parents house on October 20 when I was at home hosting a Noonday Collection party.  He sent me the video shortly before people started coming and it was all I could do mop up the tears and not shove the video in every ones face the minute they walked in the door.

Gabe playing soccer from Meredith LaGorga on Vimeo.

I am so proud of our boy.  Four months to the day of walking independently for the first time, he is kicking a soccer ball.  It may not seem like much to other people, but for us.. it was a victory. Spending a good part of the fall watching his oldest cousins play soccer was big inspiration for Gabe.  Even now, nearly a month later (I am behind!) I can't believe what I'm seeing. Well, I can believe it because Gabe shows off his soccer skills every day but emotion still catches in my throat every time I see it.

Nothing is going to hold him back.  With his steel like determination and his beautiful self confidence, he is undefinable by the limits of this world. The world, it is his oyster. And the proof, it's in the pudding video.

This time I'll be sailing
No more bailing boats for me.
I'll be out here on the sea
Just my confidence and me.
And I'll be awful sometimes
Weakened to my knees
But I'll learn to get by
On the little victories
This time I'll have no fear
I'll be standing strong and tall
I'll turn my back towards them all
And I'll be awful sometimes
Weakened to my knees
But I'll learn to get by
And I'll learn to get by 
On the little victories.
And if the world decides
To catch up with me
Still little victories
Little Victories by Matt Nathanson

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