Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Meerkats were missing!

A 65 degree day in November?  We'll take it!  

A trip to the zoo between church and aquatic therapy was the best way to take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine.  

Oh the beautiful sunshine!  

The meerkats had already been moved inside for the winter.  The meerkats are one of Gabe's (and my) favorite exhibits.  He sat in the tunnel for a few minutes sure I was joking and surely they'd be poking their heads out of the tunnels soon. His disappointment was apparent when he finally gave up and walked away.  Poor boy!  

There were lots of leaves scattered across the ground.  We had fun looking for our favorites.  Gabe's favorite little leaf....
 and his favorite big leaf.  It was longer than my arm!

The rain started and we headed over to the rain forest. Despite the rain and his usual apprehension for sitting on the animal statues Gabe was enamored with this gorilla.  Once we made it in the building and saw the gorilla exhibit, he was super excited to see all four of them.  In real life!  He couldn't wait to go back out and see the statue again.  In the rain.  I agreed.  Because I'm fun like that.  Or perhaps it was on the way out [Smile].

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