Monday, May 5, 2014

Where Have We Been?

The easy answer is busy!

The long answer includes starting home schooling with Gabe, many (MANY)  trips to the post office, enjoying  the exactly 3 days of sunshine we've had thus far this year, therapy appointments, visiting parks, zoos and watching squirrels.  Seriously, Gabe loves squirrels and there have been many afternoons spent in our cold, wet back yard chasing them.  

Now for what we like to call a photo dump! A post mostly for my memory and Gabe's Gigi! Hi Gigi!!!!

Gabe and Jake with matching eye patches! 

Just Gabe and his Papo.  

It's Zurg and Buzz.  And Gabe! 

Gabe right before his shots... a little up close and personal with
the Buzz fan.  This was the day of our REFERRAL

Climbing at the children's museum

"smiling" in the children's museum train
Gabe's first cheeseburger.

Crawling through the aquarium viewing tunnel at the zoo

Children's Museum Fun

Learning about centripetal force! 

And how phones work!

Gravity exploration at the children's museum

Scientist at work. 

Easter Sunday.  Gabe's first Easter egg hunt!  He loved it!  Squealed like crazy when he'd find a hug.  His joy is contagious. 

Easter bubble blowing!  With Spider man! 

Back to Barnes and Noble for some lego fun!

Looking for airplanes.  And birds.  And squirrels. 
Board games are a favorite around here and the last thing we
do before bed time each night. 
Checking out the snake at the science center... learning snakes smell with their tongues! 

Future astronaut? 

Just Gabe and his Miss Danielle.  She was his therapist before
we moved to Houston and holds a special place in Gabe (and our)
hearts.  A little weight bearing before the real work begins.

Thomas and Samsel's first piece of mail.  Cue the tears.

Working hard on his new scooter from Gramma! 
Watching the bees at the science center.
Very cool display and one of Gabe's favorites! 

A super hero after bath time...

Sitting in a tree... 
And of course, chasing a squirrel. 
January, February, March and April... a little out of order but all in one place! 

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