Sunday, June 8, 2014

Being Loved Well.

Five years ago I never would have imagined that not only would we selflessly be given a beautiful son but that we'd gain more family at the same time.  Adoption can be hard and ugly.. it comes from loss but it can also be beautiful.  And the last week of May I was privileged to watch the beauty of adoption continue to blossom as Gabe and I spent the week at his Gigi's house in New Jersey.  Gigi is Gabe's maternal great grandmother and as a surprise for her 80th birthday, Gabe's Grandma flew us out.  

The visit was magical.  And yes, I realize how cheesy that sounds but our time there was almost clandestine; a beautiful picture of all of the love that surrounds our sweet Gabriel.  Pictures do a much better job of describing all of the fun and love that were had in New Jersey. 

Gabe knew all about the fun he was going to have seeing Gigi, Grandma and Posey (Grandma's dog).  He approached the week so excited to see some of the people we love so dearly.  What he didn't know was that he'd be reuniting with his Great Uncle Glenn.  After nearly 5 years apart (seriously, is Gabe almost 5?!?!), they seemed to pick up right where they left off.  Not having seen each other since Gabriel was just a few days old, you would have thought that they may have needed a few minutes to get to know each other. That wasn't the case; the bond they forged long ago was found immediately and Gabe anxiously awaited Uncle Glenn's arrival every evening.  And it had nothing to do with the Dunkin Donut munchkins he brought along [Smile].

Words can't express how thankful we are for this family, our family who love Gabe and us so very well.  To live well and love well... they are great examples of both. 

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