Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sundae's for Samsel!

Saturday this sweet boy turns 1 year old. 

I can't even begin to tell you how tender my heart has been knowing we're missing another first.  Rather than dwelling on the sadness of missing his 1st birthday we are going to celebrate!  He may not have a first birthday party with hats and a cake but we want to celebrate his life and the life here waiting for him; we want him to know when he's older that we were so sad that he wasn't able to be with his family on his birthday and we want to honor the incredibly strong woman that brought him into this world and loved him first.  

Want to join us?  

Saturday we will be eating ice cream in celebration of Samsel's first birthday and we'd love for all of our family and friends to join us in celebrating us and eat an ice cream sundae (or cone, twister or milk shake).  Whatever floats your boat... perhaps a root beer float [smile]. 

We'd love to see photo's of you out with your ice cream celebrating our sweet baby boy! 

And because I can't just share a photo of one of our sweet guys waiting for us... here's our sweet Thomas

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