Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adoption Meetings 2 & 3

Our 2nd meeting (1st out of 4 official meetings) with our attorney (MCB) took place on January 28 and was all about the legalities of private domestic adoptions: expectations, rules, Ohio adoption laws, etc. A whole lot of information was presented to us, some of which we were already aware of and other information that took us quite by surprise. Adoption laws vary from state to state and for many reasons we are blessed to be living in Ohio where adoption laws tend to lean towards the best interest of the child. Ohio adoption laws are also changing and this change makes Matt and I a little nervous but we've given this small challenge to God and now we're moving forward.

Today was our 3rd meeting (2nd official)and it was all about us. In order to do her job well MCB wants to get to know us better; i.e. asking lots of questions about our lives. Starting with Matt, MCB asked him about everything! About his family, faith, education, how we met, why we're adopting... Matt was pretty much an open book. Our next meeting is February 18 and it will be my turn to answer the questions.

I was a little unsure why MCB would want to know all this, but once I thought it through, it made complete sense. In order to serve us best, when MCB meets with prospective birth mothers, the more she knows about us, the more she can advocate for us. All of the questions are like going through the homestudy process again, but we'll answer any questions if they bring us one step closer to our future family.

Ending with a quote... and while I have no idea where this quote came from it always provides me with a little comfort.
"God's delays are not God's denials - some dreams are just worth waiting for."

Love & Blessings, Meredith


Matty said...

Amen Mere!

Dad L said...

Awsome girl. Thanks & GOD BLESS.

big hair betty said...

I found your blog through mckmama's and I just wanted to pass along some good news from our friends who just got word this week that they will be travelling to Ethiopia in a couple of weeks to adopt their first baby! It has been a long journey, but they are so excited and have been blessed by the Lord in SO MANY WAYS, it is amazing to watch their story being written. May God continue to grow you and your husband in this journey!