Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Hunting.....

The first year Matt and I lived in our house we started a few traditions - one of them being going to a tree farm and cutting down our tree. We bundle up, walk for what seems like miles and then find what we consider to be the perfect tree.

The first year we got a short, fat tree. It was so little and fit quite well in the corner. And we had a total of....10 ornaments :) I couldn't have imagined a more perfect tree for our first Christmas on Lawndale. Matt and I loved sitting together on the couch (we only had one couch so we had to sit together) basking in the glow of our beautifully colored lights.

The next year we got a Charlie Brown-esque tree. Now it had lots of branches but it also had lots of holes. But one side, was PERFECT! And that one perfect side was displayed grandly from the corner it was placed in. We shopped the after Christmas sale the year before and this year, our tree had many more ornaments! And we agreed, that this tree too was just as good as the first.

So when the first Saturday in December rolled around this year we were ready. It required a little bit more planning to go but this year, hunting for our Christmas tree couldn't have been more special. Because this year it was not just Matt and I looking for the perfect tree... but it was the three of us.

Ready to go find our tree....

After lots and lots of walking we had our "Griswald Moment" and found "the" tree.....

After cutting it down, tying it to the roof of the SUV and driving home.... the tree was up in its stand and ready to decorate!

With a little help from his Daddy, Gabe hung the first ornament on the tree.... a star with the word "HOPE" on it. Because this year, along with the real reason of Christmas; having Gabe is giving us just a little bit extra hope.

We are looking forward to this Christmas season; celebrating the birth of our Savior, rejoicing with family and friends and relishing in our very many blessings.

Love & Blessings, Meredith


Becky said...

So precious! And I just LOVE that smile...he gets cuter every day! I'm sure this will be such a special Christmas for your family. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if I was not Noah's mom I'd say Gabe is cuter than Noah =) Love all the pictures and truth you share in your blog!! Merry Christmas from L,A & N