Thursday, March 11, 2010

6 Month Well Visit.... Gabe's 1st Shot

At 19lbs 9oz and 28 inches long, some would say baby Gabe is no longer my little baby. But I disagree until, well, until he's too big for me to hold in one arm or has a little sibling added to the family he will be my little baby... and I'm pretty sure, to his dad's chagrin, he'll always be my baby. He, he!
Gabe before his 6 month well baby check up! Yes, he is that cute! And, no I can't hardly take his cuteness either!

Gabe also had his 1st shot. I know, I know he's 6 months old and is just getting his first shot. Due to his schizencephaly and its accompanying predisposition for seizures and seizures being one of the more common side effects along with way too much research we've chosen to delay most and forgo some of the regularly scheduled vaccines. We're not really anti-vaccine, we're more like vaccine delayers combined with personal opinions of what we feel is best for Gabe. We feel, as parents it is our job to figure out what is in the best interest of our son and after reading lots of books, talking to experts and doing a lot of indpendant research we formed our educated (to us) opinions. But mostly, I'd just say we're pro-Gabe!
Gabe after his 1st shot ever :(
He cried for about 35 seconds, and gave me a look of utter distrust. It broke my heart how he was looking at me like, "why did you let that lady do that to me?" But he was back home and ready to play in a matter of moments. See?
Boy am I glad he doesn't hold grudges.... because he's too cute for me to not want to smother with hugs and kisses all day long!


Dardi said...

Oooh, I love his chunkiness (I think I have said that before...hehe) & you can tell he is one very happy boy. Still looking forward to getting together, but we're still fighting colds! (We love to share, but not that kind of stuff!!)

Carrie said...

Thanks so much for your comment; it meant a lot. And Gabe is so stinkin cute! We delay and do shots differently as well and I think as long as you have educated yourself about it then it will be just fine. I have been meaning to post what you did below too; I read that blog post about not making our kids happy and loved it. Hopefully I can do that today. Always praying for your sweet family.
Hugs back to you!