Friday, November 9, 2012


Gabe's new hat is ready for the cold,
we're waiting for our house to be sold,
hold back your hysteria,
Gabe's moving back to Elyria!
Yesterday, Matt accepted a promotion that will be bringing our family back to Ohio.  He'll work out of Youngstown but we'll move back to our house in Elyria... the house we left just 18 short months ago.  We were so not expecting this and are excited and oh-so-grateful for the opprotunity to move back home and raise Gabe and his siblings with our families close by.  


Dardi said...

I do believe we had a playdate scheduled once upon a time that had to be postponed...Now we can get that thing rescheduled!! :)

Mike Medved said...

Have been meaning to leave you a comment for days! Congrats to you! I"m so glad you get to move back home...thrilling!