Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baseball Super Star

Gabe loves sports; basketball, football, soccer, baseball... you name it, he loves it!  This summer he's had the opportunity to play for the first time in an organized sport.  Baseball.  He absolutely loves it.  His Daddy is the director of the league so even though he's not quite 5 years old, he was allowed to play. 

Watching Gabe play baseball is truly the highlight of my week.  He is so excited to get to the field to play with his friends and he looks adorable in his jersey and hat. 

He's in a league for children with special needs and oh my, if you need some inspiration or want to see some of the biggest, brightest smiles you've ever seen; Friday night baseball is the place to be.  Everyone hits.  Everyone runs (or wheels).  Everyone wins.

But here's the thing; in regular little league you see kids get frustrated when they miss a ball or don't get a 'good' hit, but here these sweet ones are so excited to play, to be a part of the team and not be left out that the little things like winning or losing, tagging third base or sliding in at home don't really matter.  Countless times each game tears prick my eyes as I marvel at all the beautiful children playing baseball, having fun and doing their best.

I am so thankful that Gabe gets to play baseball with friends...
run the bases like a champ...
feel the quiver of the bat in his hands when he gets a hit...
and have family and friends cheer for him from the stands.

Gabe's friend Gabe was his special buddy to help him on the field at his last game.

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