Monday, March 9, 2009

life book

Life book:

So we've begun....
Paper for lifebook: selected, bought and ready to go
Pictures for lifebook: picked out or written down to be
taken in the VERY near future
Lifebook pages put in order, topics and pictures

That list makes me feel like we've made actual progress but as I sat on my laptop for a full two hours this evening I couldn't decide what to write to fill the pages, to describe us, our life, what we can offer and why she should choose us. In my heart the words flow seamlessly but the second my fingers start typing the words get jumbled, confusing and sound nothing but pretentious. How in the world do you adequately describe why someone should choose you as the parents for their baby? What could I possibly write that could convey how much Matt and I want a family, how ready we are and how much we'll love our child....

Maybe I don't understand what to say because I don't think I would ever be able to make that type of decision; a decision so selfless and so generous that it dwarfs any gift I could ever possibly give someone.

So I'll keep sitting here, trying to type, wondering if what we're putting in our lifebook will be the reason that a birth mother chooses us, hoping we're doing it right and praying that our lifebook reaches the birth mother of the baby God has planned for us.

God Bless, Meredith

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Becky said...

It is so tough to know what to say to someone who just might be the one to give you the ultimate gift. But I have faith that God will send the words to your heart...and to your keyboard :-)

Praying for you!