Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Biggest Little Tough Guy

Gabe's MRI went great! (Thank you God!) He fell asleep quickly under the gas mask and woke up smoothly in recovery. Matt and I were able to be there before he woke up so he fell asleep looking at me and woke up with his Daddy and Mama hovering over him. He didn't shed a tear the whole time. Actually the only tears were from me, go figure! But who wouldn't shed a tear or 2 after leaving their baby in the hands of strangers, very capable strangers but strangers nonetheless.

Gabe was all smiles all morning at the CC. This morning Gabe would only take a few sips of Pedialyte so he must've been starving, but he was still full of smiles! By the way, have you ever tasted that stuff? If you haven't, don't... it is not a pleasant taste. Perhaps it would have tasted better if it would have been flavored, but I didn't think Gabe was ready for flavoring.

Anyways he was so happy and such a flirt with all the nurses. Just smiling and cooing at everyone, he was definately the star of the pediatric radiology department.

Now some photo's of the little champ! Yes, I brought my camera to the hospital. I figured these would be the pictures depicting the day before we recieved the news of Gabe's miraculous recovery from schizencephaly or the photo's demonstrating all of the different mountains Gabe had to climb to give God the glory in all circumstances. But anyways, on too the pictures...

Gabe's trying to wake up from the anesthesia... we were so grateful that he woke up quickly and happily.

Cuddling with his special blankie. This is the blanket that Matt and I sent to the hospital for Gabe when he was born. Well, not 'the' blanket because I lost that somewhere, but it's the blankets twin :)
Getting ready to go home.... looking oh-so-super cute in his coo print diaper cover.

Gabe's battle scars. They had to poke him 3 times before they were able to start an IV :( Poor guy.

I thought waiting for Gabe to be done would surely be the longest hour of my life but it actually passed quickly. Amazingly I had a wonderful peace from the moment I pulled myself together after leaving Gabe until, well right now I currently have that peace still. And that I can only attribute to all of the wonderful family, friends and strangers praying for us. I knew my family would be praying and assumed some friends would as well. I'll admit I was floored by the fact that a friend scheduled Gabe's MRI on his cell phone and then prayed right at 9 (at work with his boss - isn't God awesome). I was also humbled, overwhelmed and in awe of the number of messages, emails and texts recieved from friends and strangers who were praying for our little man. I can't express my gratitude enough and while thank you doesn't seem to suffice, it will have to do... so THANK YOU!

And no matter what the results of the MRI reveal; no schizencephaly, schizencephaly, whatever it may be we will get through it. The lyrics "I get by with a little help from my friends" comes to mind. And with the help of my friends, God will be glorified through it all. But can I ask a little favor? If the results aren't what we want, and I have a little trouble remember that this is all in God's plan... would you remind me? You will!?! Thanks!

Love & Blessings, Meredith

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