Monday, January 11, 2010

Gabe's 1st Christmas Day

This Christmas was the best yet, well since the 1st Christmas that is!

Our family of 3 on Christmas

Our day started with sweet, little Gabe waking up at 6:00.... I'm pretty sure he slep for 3 straight hours that night. Merry Christmas Mama!!!! After feeding and diapering Gabe we sat down together, as our little family of 3 and read the Christmas story from the book of Luke.

After finishing with reading the Christmas story, Matt and I took advantage of the fact that Gabe, still young enough to not have a clue what was going on, wouldn't mind if we ate breakfast before opening presents. So Matt and I ate our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of cinnamin rolls - YUM!

And then we started opening presents. Gabe recieved 3 presents from us and was a little into the wrapping paper, had no interest in the actual presents but loved eating his hands. Gabe recieved a Graco doorway jumper, a little interactive puppy and a Tom's flag to signify the Tiny Tom's he will get once they re-release them on their website. And unless they release any cuter, I'm fairly certain he'll get the camoflauge Tom's. They're super cute and his Daddy and uncles will get excited to see him in camo :)

Gabe and his 3 presents before he (we) opened them!

After presents we got ready for the day and headed over to my parents.

Gabe with Nonnie & Papo

He should've worn his "Not Spoiled, Blessed" shirt because he left with a lot of cool toys, books and clothes from his Nonnie, Papo, aunts and uncles.

Present-mania! Gabe and his cousins were definately blessed with lots of new things :)

Once everyone was there we dined on the traditional ham and cheesey potatoes along with lots of delicious sides! I am a firm believer that you MUST eat ham and cheesey potatoes on Christmas... I really could care less about the ham but love cheesey potatoes, especially the ones my Mom makes. And if all that wonderful food wasn't enough their were piles of desserts after we finished eating. And of course we had to eat some of the tradional "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake. I'm not a big fan of cake, but it was actually pretty good!

After eating way too much and visiting with my family we headed back to our house to welcome Matt's dad and brothers. And after again over-indulging in way too much food and Christmas cookies are day finally came to an end. The three of us relaxed in the living room watching Christmas movies on TV! A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Gabe and his cousins Caleb (12), Ethan (7), Jacob (5) and Sam (4)

Gabe looking super stylish in his Christmas outfit! He'd already ditched the sweater though.

Matt and Jacob (Jake, besides being really smart is also a video game genius)

Gabe & his Auntie Annie

Taking a break from the business and having a bottle.

Gabe with his Daddy and cousin Caleb

Certainly a nap is in order with all of this excitement!

My BEST present ever!

Christmas 2009 will forever live in our hearts as our first Christmas as a family - I wonder what Christmas 2010 will bring?

Love & Blessings, Meredith

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