Monday, February 22, 2010

Easy as Pie, Green Pie That Is

When Gabe turned 6 months his world turned upside down! Our little lover of bottles and oatmeal was introduced to baby food. His first 'meal' was green beans - homemade green beans! After hearing how easy it is to make baby food and evaluating the cost difference, making our baby food was an obvious choice for us!

It took about 45 minutes to steam and puree the green beans and we made about 25 servings! Since baby food sells for 2 servings for $1.00 and we only paid $4.50 for 25 servings, we saved about $8.00. And I know exaclty what is in his food!

Take these green beans for instance.... certified organic, containing only green beans and no herbicides or pesticides! The only downside for me, was I had not planned ahead and the fresh vegetables were slim pickings so we did have to use frozen.

The green beans... ready to go!

In the pan...

Gabe checking out his green beanies!

Ready to be pureed

and finally being pureed!

Almost done being pureed.

The finished product!

In the ice cube trays, ready to be frozen!

Gabe's 1st green beans, ready for his belly.

Gabe is ready to eat!

Not the oatmeal he was expecting....

After Gabe's initial shock of the new taste and texture of the green beans he with the funny faces and began babbling, squealing and smiling between each bite!

A few more days of beans and then Gabe will try his Momma's least favorite veggie, peas!

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