Saturday, July 5, 2014

June in Rewind.

Seriously!  Where did June go?  I can't believe we've already turned the calendar over and moseyed our way through the first few days of July.  June was a great month over here!  The sun came out, the rain slowed down and we've spent many lazy days enjoying the slowness summertime brings.
Gabe started baseball, we celebrated birthdays, enjoyed friends and family and learned we are one single signature away from traveling to meet our sweet sons. So what did we fill our days with?
Finally meeting a soul sister face to face.

Enjoying the splash pad in the bright sunshine.

Bubble fun on the front porch.
 Trips to the zoo to pet goats, ride trains, see animals... and ride a camel!


Played many games of Snakes and Ladders... even by candle light.
 Celebrating Gabe's awesome Daddy on Father's Day

Front yard baseball.  Representing our friends in El Salvador

More time at the splash pad... and sometimes it leads to ice cream! 

 Trips to the $1 Regal Summer Shows.  Gabe sat through his first of many feature films to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Two.

Afternoon Indians game with Nonny.  10 innings.  Indians won.  Gabe sat through the whole game with rapt attention.  He is obviously loving baseball this summer!

 Gabe loved clapping along to the drummer at the Indians game. 
He was so much fun to watch.
 Welcoming home our friend K from Ethiopia was a HUGE highlight for us. There really is nothing better than seeing an orphan become a son, a family welcome their brother home. K and our sweet Thomas are best buddies!  We can't wait to get them back together here in Ohio once our boys are home.
Celebrating Samsel's birthday with ice cream sundae's.  And hot dogs because
Gabe doesn't like ice cream!

Enjoying visits from friends

 The arduous process of stripping and painting Samsel's crib began.  It is certainly a labor of love but it is turning out beautiful.  I can't wait to tuck him in it and watch him fall asleep.
 A little dancing in the rain.  Gabe gets his love of storms from his Daddy.

And there was always time for watching the clouds, airplanes and birds fly above us.  Gabe has certainly taught us to take it all in and appreciate what's around us; like sunshine, cool green grass and planes over head.

The official June wrap-up.  It was a good month.  I can't wait to see what's to come in July.

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