Monday, August 24, 2009

Bring Gabriel Home... The Gift of Gabriel

***Gabe's arrival home will be over several posts because it takes me forever to download pictures on to blogger***

Monday through Friday were the longest days of my life... all that I wanted was to hold our Gabriel in my arms. I never envisioned how hard those days were... days where the clock seemed to stand still, when night time hours went slower than ever and every time the phone rang I longed for a voice to tell me Gabe was ours.
Eventually all of the papers were signed and Miss B put Gabriel in my arms. I can't imagine the sacrifice and strength it took for Miss B and Mr C to allow us the privilege of calling Gabriel our own. We love Gabriel so much, but so do they. They loved him enough to allow us to take him home. They wanted more for him then they thought they would be able to provide him with... and they answered our prayers.
Gabriel is not only our precious gift from God... but also our gift from Miss B and Mr. C. Matt and I will forever be grateful to them for allowing us the opportunity to love this little boy. And, as we promised Miss B's father at Crocker Park - we will do our best to raise him the best that we can. But we won't do it alone. Our little Gabriel will not only have his Mama and Daddy and the whole LaGorga/Thomas family to call his own but he will also have his birth family. Gabriel will never have the opportunity to wonder why he was adopted because for as long as it is in my power, Gabriel will not only know his birth family loves him but he will know them. We have the wonderful privilege of calling him our own... the least we could do is share him with the ones who gave us this gift.
God is so good to have given us the most wonderful gift of Gabriel and our new family!

A little photo description of bring Gabriel home.....

Matt driving to pick-up our boy!

So excited!

Gabe and Daddy ready to go!

Our sweet boy at home

Sleeping in his cradle.
Love & Blessings, Meredith


Dardi said...

He's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Congratulations!

Your attitude toward the birth family is awesome...You will have many opportunities to enlighten others about the sacrifice, the love & the miracle that is involved in adoption. The way that you honor Miss B & Mr. C is such a great testimony to what God is doing in your life, & it is such a blessing for your son!

Amy said...

Congratulations- he is BEAUTIFUL!!! SO HAPPY that God blessed you (and this precious little bundle) big time! Amy