Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh My Goodness

Life is so wonderfully busy I can hardly catch my breath! I have more to share about our latest get together with Miss B, what's going on and what we're up too! But for now I'll just share these: My sweet 5 year old nephew wanted to get me something from Toys-R-Us when he was there with Nonnie (my mom). After she gently told him I probably didn't want anything from Toys-R-Us he promptly picked something out for his soon-to-be baby cousin. Isn't that sweet!

This book, On the Night You Were Born, was given to me by a darling friend of mine that I met at work. It is the most beautifully pictured, eloquently written childrens book about what happens on earth when a baby is born. I can't read it without crying and can't wait to share this sweet story with our baby.
This soft blanket was made by a woman at my church and won by my dad at a silent auction. A man of little words, kept upping his wager so that he could win this for our little one. At the time of the auction, our little baby boy was just a pipe dream... and now he's a reality!

And this precious little outfit is what are baby boy will be wearing home from the hospital! I love little boys in stripes and I love little boys in brown - so this organic outfit is perfect for this all-natural type of girl! We also recieved the sweetest matching booties... I couldn't believe how small they were!
So much more to share, I'm so excited about this little (BIG) blessing of ours.
Love & Blessings, Meredith


Becky said...

What fun things :-) Can't wait to hear more!!! You're all in our prayers!

Anonymous said...


your mom has been keeping me posted...I just want you to know that Rocky and I are praying for you, Matt, and this sweet babys arrival. We are very excited for you and your family.