Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Beautiful for Words

This evening Matt and I met Gabriel for the first time. It was absolutely surreal, totally indescribable. Positively perfect in every way: 10 long fingers, 10 little toes, a head full of medium brown hair, cute as a button, an absolute dream!

Me and Gabe

Our 1st family photo

Our 2nd family photo - I can't keep my eyes off of him :)

And our beautiful Gabriel.

We are so in love with this little boy and can't wait to bring him home with us. Holding him in my arms was wonderful, leaving him at the hospital was heart breaking. The only solace in leaving him was that he would be in the care of his birth family; a family who loves this little boy more than I could have imagined. Would you please pray for them: for Miss B, Mr. C and their families? Pray that they will find peace in their hearts with this decision, that they will find strength in making this decision, and for comfort in their hearts when Gabriel comes home. And while I desperately want you to pray for the birth family, if you have some extra prayer time would you pray for me and Matt. That the next 58 hours go by quickly, that we have peace in our hearts in the knowledge that Gabriel will be home soon and that we continue to draw nearer to Him as we wait.

God is so good and as we wait, we will continue to acknowledge His goodness and His will in this situation. And if you see that I'm forgetting to do so, please help me find my way back.

Our God is a god of miracles and today I held one in my arms and will forever hold him in my heart.

Love & Blessings, Meredith

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Becky said...

I know first hand that the next hours will be tough. But your faith in God will carry you through...and prayers from all across the country, too! He is positively perfect...and you and Matt look perfect holding him.

We're holding you up in prayer, as well as the birth families, and of course your beautiful little boy. We will wait anxiously for updates.

Hugs and love,