Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hijacked part 2

Well guys, I'm ba-ack! It took me awhile but I finally convinced Momma to give me another try at this blogging thing... I had to promise I wouldn't share too much information or talk about things like bowel movements, gas or other bodily functions (although, I agree with my Daddy cause boys should be able to talk about gross stuff).

So, here I am, handsome as always and now 9 months old. And even though I'm 9 months old, my hats say that I'm 12 months old and my clothes say that I'm 12 - 18 months old. It's kind of confusing to be so many ages all at once so I'm just going to trust my Daddy when he says I'm 9 months old.

Speaking of being 9 months old, it's only 3 months until my 1st birthday. I'm a little nervous because Momma has already started 'working' on it. I'm not sure what that means, but I think I'll follow my Daddy's lead and just let her have her way with this one. Because if it was my birthday I would prefer to just be naked (oops, was that too much information?)

Since we talked last a lot of things have changed for me. I still drink that nasty white 'milk' but also get to eat lots and lots of food! Yogurt, fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and these little rice rusks. I love it all, well except avocado's, but Momma says I'll learn to like them. Maybe she'll learn to like my 'milk' then!

Besides eating lots of new things, I'm very close to sitting up by myself - sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. I really just get a kick out of seeing my parents so excited. Rolling over is pretty much the same thing, some days I like to do it and others I don't. Really, I just like to do my own thing, Momma says I'm stubborn like my Daddy. I think that it's less of that and more that I'm independent and free-spirited!

I love play dates now and even christened my good friend Waverly with my urine one day (too much information). I have lots of friends and love spending time with them - going to the zoo or the playground our my favorite places for play dates. And since I'm still young, I'm still really good at sharing my toys. Even when I don't want to share, they're able to walk away from me so I have to share.... hmm... maybe I should put a little more effort into crawling.

Speaking of crawling, I've added occupational therapy to my regimen of appointments and while I think Miss Danielle (occupational therapist) is as wonderful as Mrs. KC (physical therapist) - I just don't like therapy. I don't whine and cry as much because they've caught onto my game and make me keep working. And work it is, therapy days are the only days Momma can be guaranteed time to do housework as napping isn't really my style anymore. I'm more of a party guy!

Well... I'm running out of things to say, which is kind of hard to believe as I love to talk! I especially love talking at 3AM, it's the bestest time to have a conversation with Momma! But anyways, until next time.... MUAH!

XOXO, Gabe

(aka moosh-moosh, bucko or gaby-baby - yes my parents are nuts)


Dardi said...

Gabe ~ Your update is almost as cool as you are! You are such a big boy these days!!!

Dan Samms said...

This is a great post, Gabe! I think your daddy is right. Boys should be able to talk about farting now and then.