Monday, May 3, 2010


Chief Wahoo that is!

The Game: Twins vs Indians

The Date: May 1, 2010

Gabe's Age: 8 months

Gabe went to his first Indians game this weekend! Matt bought the tickets for the 3 of us to go a while back, but then the weather was predicted to be quite rainy so just Matt and I were going to go. Well, the rain got pushed back and a family night at the Jake was declared. (I know, I know. It's Progressive Stadium now, but it'll always be the Jake to me!

Gabe loved it (at first)! He was so intrigued by all of the lights and sounds, and every time people clapped he'd get a big smile and look around all proud. Maybe his Mama and Daddy clap too much for him?! Eventually he got tired and the Indians made a good play, the crowd cheered and then Gabe cried. After calming him, we found a more quieter area of the stadium and watched a few more innings. Then loud people moved behind us and we decided to head home before Gabe became scared again. But we stayed through 8 innings! And the Indians won in 11 innings! Wahoo!

In our seats...

Gabe & Daddy at the Indians Game

Family picture at the stadium - look at the camera, Gabe.

Watching the Twins warm-up!

I just can't stand his cuteness!

Gabe and his very first souvenir, a Slider doll - eck! I mean stuffed animal!

I realize Gabe won't remember going to his first Indians game, but going to Indians games (especially on dollar dog nights) is one of mine and Matt's favorite things to do and I loved being able to do it as a family of 3!

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Henrietta said...

I love his uniform. Looks like a regular team member. Daddy sure looks, Donna