Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And We Headed Downtown

Last week Gabe and I ventured down to the clinic (Cleveland Clinic) for his neurology appointment. And unlike last time, this time I came prepared. I was (or at least thought I was) ready to hear whatever Dr. F had to throw at us. We were there ready and on time; actually for once, we were early and I was not seen running through the halls pushing Gabe in his stroller!

So we got there on time and ready to see Dr. F. Can I tell you how much we love Dr. F? At each appointment he comes out and get us himself. Peds neurology is the only place I've seen that happen so far. He walks us back and talks to Gabe the whole time. I love that he talks to Gabe first; interacting with him and acknowledging him. I think that this is important. Even though Gabe can't talk back to him, Dr. F always acknowledges Gabe as his patient and I as a parent really appreciate it. I appreciate the fact that Dr. F respects even his littlest patients enough to consider what they need. And his respect for Gabe causes me to respect him more.
Dr. F gave Gabe a full and lengthy examination and then discussed the results with us (me and Gabe). In summary, Gabe is doing really well. Developmentally Gabe is behind gross motorly (which we knew) and he stressed the imporantance of continuing his physcial and occupational therapies. But cognitively Gabe is right on target (again, we thought this) and for us, this is the most important. We know with Gabes wonderful therapists and all of the work we do at home, that he will catch up gross motorly. Knowing that thus far Gabe is on target cognitively is such a relief and blessing for us.
Gabe really hammed it up for Dr. F. too. He smiled, chatted and was very social. Gabe has only recently found consonants (m,c and an occasional b) and boy did he show those off for Dr. F. I was one proud mama!
And while I was prepared for whatever the doctor had to say, I wasn't exactly prepared to hear different, or shall I say more results. Dr. F confirmed everything we learned when the nurse called after his MRI, but he also added that there was an area on the left side of Gabe's brain that also has some dysplasia (where the brain is not convuluted like it is supposed to be). Like all the previous results, we will just continue to play the wait-and-see game.
So far, the wait-and-see game has been great. Gabe is doing great, developing well and hasn't had any seizure activity!
So Dr. F seemed happy and that makes us happy. Except just a little bummed that Gabe has a little problem on the left side of the brain. But as I sit here and type this out, I just realized that even though we just found out about the left side of the brain not being 'perfect' God knew all along.
God knew that while everyone was concentrating on Gabe's right side of the brain, that the left was a little different too. Even though we didn't know, God knew. And even though we don't know what all of this means, God does. And in that I find immense comfort.
Though we don't know where the bumps, forks and intersections in this road are going to take us, God does. Better yet, He's already there. Now that is SWEET RELIEF!
Here's to God forgiving me of my past, guiding my present and already being in my future!
Love & Blessings, Meredith
Silly Gabe!

How the cool kids ride around Crocker Park. Asleep and with their foot up!

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Carrie said...

He certainly does know what we don't and has planned for it! Gabe you are an amazing little man and your parents feel blessed to have you and they love you SO much. God bless your whole family and Gabe's continued growth.
Love the pics; he is so cute!