Monday, August 13, 2012

11 Months Waiting

 A did-you-know for Monday morning!! 

What do I have in common with a horse?  Besides being a mammal and super cute; we've both been waiting 11 months for our baby. 

Yep, a horse has a gestation period of 11 months.  Hide that fact deep in your brain for a late night game of Jeopardy. 

Here's hoping this time of waiting looks more like a horses gestational period and less like an African Elephant!

But really, 11 months waiting.... our agency is now averaging 18 - 20 months for the referral of a boy and 22 - 24 months for a girl. So in our agencies best case scenario we'll be waiting 7 more months. But God... he doesn't work by any arbituary time line. So here's to the timeline I want matching up with God's perfect timing!


Alison said...

Love this! I REALLY hope you don't make it to the African elephant time line like I have! It's not that fun being this big pregnant! haha! :)

Stephanie said...

I am waiting with you kiddo!