Tuesday, August 21, 2012

an Oh Boy and a Whoa

Gabe's birthday was a blast.  I was a little sad the night before because the two families we invited over to celebrate Gabe's birthday were out of town.  So just like last year, we were celebrating with just the three of us.  And.  It.  Was.  Perfect!

Matt was just coming in from a run and I was reading in bed when Gabe woke up.  The first thing I heard over the monitor was "Oh boy, balloons" and then a whole lot of bouncing on the bed. 

After the balloons came present time!  I was so excited because I just knew Gabe was giong to love it.
Seeing his train table.. and this is where the whoa came in.  After first pointing out that he had another balloon (the balloons were a big deal for him) attached to the table, Matt pointed out what it was attached too.  Once Gabe really saw the train table he let out a big whoa....
and then proceeded to thoroughly check out the train table by crawling under it!

Once Gabe made it to the other side he saw his other presents.  Gabe pulled Toby off the top of his present from Grandma and Grandpa Schmitz and began to play. 

After a little prodding to open the rest of his presents, Gabe was thrilled to see Henry from Grandma!

After presents we continued our day of celebrating Gabriel and visited the splash pad and swimming pool.  Gabe has started taking his basketball everywhere with him and the splash pad is no different!

After playing at the pool we went home for pizza and cake.  I tried my hand at making a homemade cake and frosting... and it was delish; if I do say so m
Gabe was super excited about the candles this year and even helped himself to a few bites of cake.  Just the fact that our no-sweet-eater took a few bites must have meant that the cake was tasty. 


The rest of the afternoon and subsequent afternoons was spent playing at his new train table.  I think Mommy and Daddy and Nonny and Papo nailed the birthday present on the nose with this one!  And not only is it fun, it is a good tool for therapy!  Win-win!
**very disappointed that my camera lens was blurry for most of the pictures

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