Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sowing Seeds

There are two fundraisers I'd like to share with you!

Almost two years ago Matt and I sat in our living room talking to our friends about adoption. Not our adoption, theirs. To this day, when I think back to what Sarah shared I still get goose bumps. Now nearly two years later the Sarah and Dan are beginning their adoption journey. They're not sure what agency they will use or the country they will adopt from but they are following God's leading and moving forward. Sarah is a Scentsy consultant and is hosting a party from Scentsy's new line, Grace Adele for their first fundraiser.

Check out and see if there's anything you'd like to purchase to support their adoption.

The second fundraiser is an online auction benefitting the Tweitmeyer family. Carolyn Tweitmeyer is the founder of Project Hopeful. After traveling to Ethiopia to rescue her daughter who was dying of AIDS in an orphanage(she's now living and thriving), Carolyn knew something needed to be done. She started Project Hoapeful and has been educating people on HIV and other special needs and advocating for the adoption of children with special needs.

The Tweitmeyer's are waiting to bring home their next little one from an adult mental institution in Easter Europe. Yes, their sweet little boy has already been transferred from an orphanage to an adult mental institution. It is a heinous situation and Lincoln needs to come home. Check out the Tweitmeyer's auction here: and bid on one (or more) of their fabulous items!

And because he's super cute and almost 3...

Gabe and his new Babar book from Gramma Barbara


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