Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Lovin'

We are loving spending time at the pool summer.  You can find us splashing in the "big pool" a couple of times a week.  Only during break time will Gabe even consider going into the "yittle pool."  Gabe gets a good work out at the pool too.  He kicks both of his legs, we do a lot of stretching  and moving of lefty under water and he splashes.  A lot.  He also likes to jump in off the side of the pool.  It wears out our arms quite a bit but I love watching him do such typical toddler activities and see his adventurous side come out!  He has no fear of the water and loves to go under water now. 

We are so thankful for such a great community pool.  If it weren't for this pool, I'm certain with Gabe's love of water and this Texas heat we'd be saving up for a pool in our backyard.


Unfortunately we only have two more weeks before the pool is closed weekdays.  On Labor Day the pool closes for the season.  Thank goodness we still have the splash pad until October because this heat isn't going anywhere soon!

We are loving summer and the blessings of pools and splash pads!

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