Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We love our Houston church. I am so grateful that we were able to find a home church during our time here.  A church, one that preaches truth, encourages even it's youngest attenders to follow Jesus and serve others is not always the easiest thing to find.  It'll be much harder leaving our little church here then I had anticipated. 
One of my favorite parts of our church is that the size is just right for Gabe.  Some Sunday's there's only one other child in his class and other mornings there's 4 or 5.  Gabe does great in such a small class setting.  Rather than crying when we drop him off, he would practically leap out of our arms and run into the room. 
Mostly though, I love the lessons he comes home with; basic concepts of Jesus' love that he's learning at such a young and impressionable age.  Like right now, he thinks that Christmas is about Jesus' birthday.  He doesn't really get the whole present thing yet and he loves the lights and Christmas trees but for him, right now, Christmas is about Jesus.  And part of the reason he knows that is thanks to his awesome Sunday school teachers. 
Along with great Sunday school lessons, there is also a monthly preschool program.  This month was a birthday party for Jesus.  Gabe loved it!  He had snacks, wore a birthday crown, sang Christmas songs and was able to play with his friends one last time. 
Hearing sweet little voices singing along (or trying to sing along) to Happy Birthday Jesus was one of the most precious songs my ears had ever heard. 
The preschoolers!  There were a couple little babies partying too!

Gabe called his friend Sarah "pretty Santa girl"  He sure makes my heart smile. 

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Liz Brahler said...

i know youve researched a lot about adoption, but i found a pamphlet while doing my clinical and thought of your family.
the organization is in the Cleveland area and website is
i look forward to having your family back in ohio! i know chris is excited, he just doesnt show it well.
best of wishes with the move and transition.
happy holidays!