Sunday, December 16, 2012

15th Visit

Tuesday, after our church's preschool Happy Birthday Jesus party, Gabe and I headed out to the Houston's Children Museum for one last visit. 
We had so much fun!  We must have considering we were there for nearly 6 hours!  There were an oddly low number of visitors there so we fully took advantage of our last visit. 
Gabe played until I was too tired to chase after him anymore and we headed out 20 minutes before they closed. 
Life size cows, ball-coasters, slides, ball pits, race tracks, bubble towers, blocks, antique peddle cars, archway building, wave makers, the kid lift, science station.... the short list of all the wonderful things we explored Tuesday afternoon. 


When we finally made it home after being stuck in the legendary Houston rush hour(s) traffic and a quick stop at Kroger, I counted up the number of times we visited The Children's Museum of Houston.  15 times!  That was the best $75 we've spent on educational play ever!  Boy are we going to miss this place!

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