Sunday, October 13, 2013

25 months waiting.

He (Lao Tzu) said 

"a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."  

We took that one single step what seems like a lifetime ago when we contracted with AGCI.  25 months ago we were finally put on the wait list our agency keeps of dossier ready families that are waiting to adopt from Ethiopia.  The list was long but referrals were coming regularly and the wait didn't seem so daunting.  Today, 10 months into the year and with only two dozen referrals thus far the wait seems harrowing.  

How long will it take?  
Will we ever make it to the other side of this wait? 
Why does it have to be so hard?
These are questions that run through my mind on a daily basis. 

We had our pictures taken while on vacation and our "waiting for you" sign came with us.  I think once we get home with our little one we are going to have a sign burning ceremony.  More likely I'll keep it forever.  It's traveled with us as we've waited.  It's been present at too many holidays, birthday parties and fun times than I care to think about it.  

This sign stands in homage of the little one we're waiting for; it represents a sweet smile, brown eyes and a little heart that beats with ours thousands of miles and half a world away. 


We are a family of three waiting to grow.  Our growing pains have lasted much longer than we'd like.
We are a daddy, mommy and brother desperately longing for our fourth (and maybe fifth) member. 

That one step, taken so long ago has gotten us so far.  Although the end is not yet in sight and we are tired, weary and ready, we will continue on.  
It's always darkest before the dawn...
His mercies are new every morning...
Be still and know....

Obviously Gabe's pretty over the waiting too...I'm with you little man, I am with you...

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