Friday, October 11, 2013

Then we went to the beach.

A few weeks before we went to Houston, Matt told me he had a surprise for me.  
In general, I don't like surprises. 
I like good surprises if I know about them in advance.   
And well nobody likes bad surprises, right? 
The surprise... a few days at a beach side condo after our stay in Houston.  
Standing on the beach, looking out over the ocean, smelling the salty air...
it all rejuvenates my soul.
And after this past summer, we were in need for rejuvenation. 

Our condo was amazing.  Each day we did something touristy, ate something unhealthy and spent as much time possible on the beach, in the waves and relaxing in the pool.  I spent early mornings reading on our balcony and Matt and I spent late nights watching Airplane Repo and talking about this,that and everything in between.  

Beach side restaurants, ice cream on the boardwalk, museums, kite watching, boat riding.... our days were busy, fun and just what we needed. 

After eating at Bubba Gumps on our first day we took a ferry ride.  
It was free.  
Gabe absolutely loved it.  
Matt and I enjoyed it too.
We saw birds, fish, dolphins and other boats.
Gabe's favorite was the birds.  
They kept "flying with us"

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