Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And we got away.

Have you ever just needed to get away?  To take a break from the every day life and enjoy a few days of life at a slower pace?   I did.  I really needed a getaway.

When our trip was planned it was intended for our family of four; to go on vacation and show off our little girl to our friends in Houston.  Well, that didn't go as planned but we still really wanted to join Matt on his work trip.  The beach vacation to Galveston that Matt tagged on to the end of the trip was just a huge delight.

Me and the beach; with waves crashing and the salty air.... it restores me.  

But before we went to the beach we spent a few days in Houston visiting some of our favorite places.

We spent the first few days strolling around Houston;  window shopping and dining at the galleria, sale-finding at the Outlets, enjoying the sunshine and visiting with good friends.

Once Matt had to go to work on Monday, Gabe and I hit up our favorite places.  First on the list was the zoo and the first stop at the zoo was the Hermann Park Conservatory train.

Twenty-five minutes riding through Hermann Park with my sweet boy - the day couldn't have gotten better.   But it did.  We ended up spending over 6 hours at the zoo; most of that time being spent in the two different aquariums.  Gabe has fallen in love with fish; he always looks for Nemo and Dory but isn't too particular.  At one point, I sat down and pulled up a book on my kindle while he sat and examined the fish. We were at one certain tank for almost an hour.  This boy sure loves his fish!

Gabe thought this Coquerel's Sifaka was hilarious.

After lunch time we wandered over to the splash pad.  Yes, the Houston Zoo has a splash pad.  Gabe was in heaven.  It was 95 degrees out so even I was getting in on the cool water action.  

 A train ride, the zoo, a splash pad all while the sun was shining brightly... simply marvelous.

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