Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back to vacation...Galveston Beach: Bishops Palace & Moody Gardens

Our Friday at Galveston Beach was spent doing a not-so-good photo shoot with the photographer we used when we lived in Houston.  The location was awesome; a train museum full of old steam and diesel engines.  The heat and humid was unbearable.  I had hoped we'd a handful of good shots; alas there were a few okay ones... the rest - ugh!  

After that we spent the rest of the morning exploring downtown Galveston.  We stopped at the Bishop's Palace which was so interesting.  The architecture was stunning, the stories behind the restored house interesting and we spent quite a while rambling around the old house.  Construction began in 1887, finished in 1992 and cost a total of $250,000.  Today, a house with so much detail, character and fine finishings would cost in the millions.  

After visiting Bishops Palace we unsuccessfully looked for something to eat; after waiting a half hour for our drinks, we left and picked up some sandwiches.  We window shopped, admired interesting southern decor and surf shops alike.

On Saturday we headed to Moody Gardens.  Due to time constraints we chose the Aquarium Pyramid to visit.  Gabe is really into fish so we figured he'd enjoy it.  And he did.  We all did.  The fish, the penguins, the seals and sea lions.  It was all magnificent.  Gabe showed off his love of staying at one exhibit and discussing every single aspect of the exhibit in great detail at each exhibit.  Seriously, at times Matt or I had to firmly remind him that there were other things to see.  Future marine biologist perhaps?

Moody Gardens is definitely a must-see in Galveston and we will certainly be going back next time!

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