Friday, October 4, 2013

Vacation Part 2

Tuesday was spent at the Children's Museum.  We hadn't been there since March and the second we pulled down Binz Street Gabe knew where we were going and could hardly contain his excitement as we parked and walked towards the museum.  Once inside Gabe headed directly to the train up front and I went and bought our tickets.  

It's no wonder The Houston Children's Museum is ranked number one in the nation; it is awesome. There is something for everyone and every activity is seeped in learning - there is science, math and history everywhere.  I love watching Gabe's eyes widen in amazement when he figures something out and learns about forces, gravity and mass.  He built boats that floated down a winding river, explored the many different telephone's that made up a robot and after many practice rounds figured out just the right amount of pressure needed to use a catapult to knock over blocks.  

Another stop at the train.  

This was the first visit where Gabe was too big for the Toddler zone.  His consolation prize is that he was able to use some of the big kid physical fitness area.  Crawling through rope tunnels and walking over rope bridges were his favorite activities there.

After 6 hours at Gabe's "Happiest Place on Earth" we thought we headed back to our hotel for a very good, very sound night of sleep.

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