Friday, December 20, 2013

Gabe's First Field Trip

We're planning on schooling Gabe at home.  It's something we've put a lot of thought and prayer into and for right now, it's what works best for our family.  Fortunately we were welcomed right into an area homeschooling group and this past Monday Gabe had his first official school field trip.  

Eeek!!  His first field trip! It's official.  Gabe's a big boy now! 

We went to a local fire station where we learned about fire safety, fire trucks and planning for an emergency.  I was pretty impressed by the fact we had more than the number of recommended smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in our house and our refrigerator already sports an escape plan (thank you home study requirements!).  We do need to work on the whole "stop (cover your eyes), drop and roll" aspect of fire safety but we'll get there.  

Gabe was excited about the fire trucks, a little unsure about sitting in the fire truck and in love with the firehouse dog, Siren.  Firemen Frank and Ryan even turned the lights and sirens on on the bucket truck.  Gabe said the lights were "so cool Mom" (yes, he calls me mom some times... where did my baby go?) but was happy when the siren was turned off.  

Gabe's first field trip.  
December 17, 2013.  
The beginning of a new phase of our sweet boy's life.  

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