Wednesday, December 11, 2013

O' Christmas Tree

Christmas tree hunting!  

We missed Christmas tree hunting the past two years while we lived in Texas.  It didn't make sense to go find a big tree when we knew we'd be spending Christmas in Ohio. Despite the blustery cold weather, it was great to be back at the the Medina Tree Farm.  It was comforting to be back where our Christmas traditions began. Gabe was much bigger than he was the last time we went (2009, 2010) and had much more fun with playing in the snow, looking at trees and once his legs needed a break, getting a ride from Daddy.

We search long and hard for our perfect tree.  It doesn't matter the type as much as the look.  Beautiful but not perfect.  A little uneven, perhaps a small hole or two but great in color and no dead branches.  We look for the tree that goes overlooked and turn it into a beauty.  Sounds a little metaphorical but it's not meant to be.  We're just a little quirky like that. 

Warming his hands by the fire. 
Note Gabe's sneakers.  He outgrew his boots from last year.
Obviously he would.  This was all we had for him to use without
his braces.  Big, huge mom fail. 

The first ornament hung by Gabriel.

A little bit of Africa on our tree

It may have taken us 3 days to get the tree up and it may still not have any tinsel yet (what stores are selling tinsel?) but it's up, it's beautiful and Gabe loves it.  So do I.

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