Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Continuing on with the Kindness Advent

December is going by in a blur.  Is Christmas Eve really one week away?  I should probably get on that whole Christmas Eve dinner menu planning that I've put off the past two months. Oops! 

One of my favorite parts of this season has been our Kindness Advent.  Not only is gift giving a love language for me but watching Gabe's joy in giving to others almost makes my heart burst.  Gabe's favorite day by far has been last Tuesday when he gave out balloons to all of the children at therapy.  Getting 25 balloons into the car on a blistery cold day with strong winds was slightly comical.  Three blew away.  Two popped.  But the smile on Gabe's face as he handed out the balloons and the delight on the recipients faces was enough to quell the trouble of getting the balloons into the vehicle.  

These were the remaining three balloons when Gabe went back for OT.  He handed these out when he was done. 

Wednesday Gabe woke up with a cold so we just stayed home and upped the ante on our next day's give.  Again, the weather was disturbingly cold so rather than surprising Nonny and Mrs Tiech with flowers at school we brought coffee.  For the whole school.  I wanted to get a picture of Gabe pushing the buggy loaded with Dunkin Donuts coffee but was a little preoccupied with ensuring the coffee didn't spill.

Friday we dropped off coffee cake to our neighbors and Saturday we delivered Christmas dinner to families in our community.  This was a project started by our church and I love the idea of working together to ensure little (and big) belly's are full this Christmas season.  We've been really trying to impress on Gabe that we are very blessed and need to bless others; that some refrigerators aren't full of food and it's required of us to share ours.  He's only four but I think he's starting to get it out.

Sunday Gabe was supposed to give Thank you cards to his Sunday School teachers but we didn't want him to share his cold with his friends at church so we stayed home.  This coming Sunday will just have to be a double give day!

Yesterday we took cookies to a local fire department.  It was already on our list of activities to do when I made our calendar but played out perfectly with a field trip to the fire department that was in the works.  I love hearing Gabe wish people Merry Christmas when he gives a gift and who doesn't love peanut butter blossom cookies during Christmas time?

Today?  Today we will give a token of appreciation to our mail person.  While we'd love to give her coffee to drink while she's out in this crazy cold weather, instead we'll give her a gift card to Starbucks to get coffee when she's done.

Choosing joy this Christmas season, choosing to give Christmas away this year has been the best way to prepare our hearts for the coming of our Savior.

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