Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There's no fun like Snow fun!

One thing we didn't have while living in Texas was snow.  I can't say that I missed it.  It's only December and I am beyond done with snow.  
Gabe on the other hand didn't know what he was missing!  
Gabe loves snow. 
He absolutely LOVES it!  
The snow pants he wore twice last year still fit and are getting their money's worth this year. 

Good thing Matt is off for until 2014 starting Friday.  I'm imagining a lot of Daddy-Son time spent outside in the snow.  I'll watch from inside the house, nice and warm...and perhaps sneak outside for a picture or two.  

It's good physical therapy walking in the snow.  
Just seeing Gabe walking in the snow makes my heart burst.

Shoveling with daddy.

Shoveling by himself.  
He's so proud.  
And we are so proud of him.

I may not like the snow but I love how it looks hanging from the tree branches.  
Beautiful.  Peaceful.  
But way too cold.  
Did I really grow up here? 
How did I turn into such a freeze baby so quickly.  
But it's still picturesque.

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