Monday, December 2, 2013

He gave flowers to a girl

I love traditions.  Traditions bring comfort, routine and a sense of serenity to the busyness of the season. This year we're adding a new tradition.  As we prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ we are doing daily acts of kindness.  A little switch-up from the usual advent preparations and a fun little way to try to instill kindness in our sweet boys heart. 


Yesterday we dropped off food at our church to be taken to a food bank that supplies low income families in our area.  We had many little conversations on how it's our responsibility to help feed people who don't have food, that some peoples bellies are empty and about the times Jesus fed the hungry himself.

Today was a little more interactive for Gabe.  We stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up flowers to take to the support staff at Gabe's therapy office.   Gabe was meticulous in picking out flowers; Miss Jennifer had to have the daisy's per Gabe.  He was beside himself with excitement when we pulled into the parking lot, grabbed the yellow flowers and walked right in.  While he was giving the flowers to Miss Shelly his friend Emery walked in.

Gabe and Emery have a very sweet relationship.  If Emery is done with speech before Gabe is done with PT she waits for him to come out so she can say goodbye.  There's always giggles, hugs and comparing the pretzels their respective therapists gave them.  Today was sweetness overload.  Overload I tell you!  When Gabe heard Emery call out his name, he grabbed a bouquet of flowers (sorry Miss Denise!) and ran over to her exclaiming "Merry Christmas."  Their usual slightly unintelligible banter ensued and in that moment I realized my sweet little boy gave a girl flowers.

This memory is going to warm my heart forever.  Gabe knew we were giving the flowers to the ladies that work the desks but in his excitement to hand out flowers and see his friend, he showed his true colors and gave Emery flowers as well.  I love my sweet boy.

On the other side my four year old is giving flowers to other girls.  Sigh.   Emery's dad was at therapy today as well and I assured him that Gabe is a really good boy [smile].

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