Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Questions

Okay, I have a couple of quick questions....

1.) We're planning on using cloth diapers (not the traditional ones, the cute ones with snaps no pins) and I can't figure out which ones to choose? Any suggestions? There are a couple of brands that seem "perfect" but I'd love to hear from someone who has used cloth diapers. No cloth diaper users here? If you know anyone that can give suggestions, I would totally appreciate it!

2.) What were the can't-live-without items you needed for the first few days you were home? I know we can't get everything we'll eventually need right now, but I know there are some things we won't be able to live with out.. I'm just not sure what those are!

3.) For strollers/car seats: travel system or buy them seperately?? Favorite brands... the top safety picks are SO expensive and I just wonder how much better they actually are!

Love & Blessings, Meredith


Heather Graham said...

I stumbled across your blog through someone elses and I am so excited for you guys. what a blessing!
Can't live without items:
boppy pillow, burp clothes, bouncy seat or swing and the carrier/sling to hold the baby close to you

as far as strollers the travel system is the way to go. We got ours at babies r us for around $130, it was the Evenflo brand and the lady that helped us there said it was actually one of the few seats that was approved for premies. I don't think the expensive brands are any better, evenfloe and graco are brands that have been around forever.

Desiree said...
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Desiree said...

(I think my first comment was eaten!)
I agree. I love my Graco travel system. It is rated very safe.Some don't like them because of the bulk, though.
I loved my boppy newborn lounger when we came home. I could put it on the couch beside me and look at my son and play with him. He loved laying on that thing for about 5 months.

Becky said...

1. We have used two types of cloth diapers and liked them both. Keep in mind this was not on a newborn but a 1 to 2 year old. One was Pocket Change, which is great because you just throw the whole thing in the wash and can vary absorbancy with the number of inserts. They come with a hemp and a microfiber insert which is a nice bonus. We also used the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap with a Dream-Eze organic cotton fitted diaper. We used these specifically for overnights, as our daughter would wet through with anything else. We ordered through - found them through a Google search and strangely enough, they happen to be located in our town. Very coincidental but it saved me shipping because I could just go pick up from her! Have always had good luck with them. She has a whole section on her site with recommendations on what to start with, sample sets, etc., and would respond if you emailed her with questions as well.
2. Ooh, this is the fun stuff!!! I asked Fred to contribute too, and here's what we came up with: plenty of burp cloths (cloth Gerber diapers work great), Mylicon gas drops (if your doctor approves), baby monitor (depending on your house layout), drying rack for bottles and bottle brush, dishwasher nipple basket, nasal aspirator bulb and saline drops (in case of a stuffy little nose), digital thermometer, sling or Baby Bjorn-type carrier, extra crib or bassinet sheets, changing or "piddle" pads (you can just use these on the floor or on your bed if you don't have a changing table). Some babies do not like to sleep in a crib right away and like to be in a smaller space instead, so a bassinet might be worthwhile - we had one that wanted it, and one that didn't. I could practically write a book on all the things we got the first time around that we DIDN'T need - by the time our daughter came around, and since we had 3 days to prepare for her arrival, we only worried about the essentials!
3. We purchased a Graco stroller and a Graco infant car seat separately, but both made it through 2 kids with wear to spare. No problems with the stroller or seat; found them easy to use and comfortable for the kids. My recollection from the last ratings in Consumer Reports said that the less expensive options were just as if not more safe than the pricey ones.

Have fun shopping! :-)

Jessie Rivera(McEwen) said...

OMG Meredith! I CLOTH DIAPER!!! Email me @ mama!!! We can chat!