Monday, November 2, 2009

27 Years and Counting

Today Gabriel's daddy is 27 and he just wants to say........

27 years ago Matt came into this world and I couldn't be more grateful to his mother for this! Life certainly wouldn't be the same without him and Gabe and I are so grateful to be able to spend this birthday with Matt/Daddy.

Not only is Matt a great husband, the best in my opinion, he's also a fantastic dad. Besides not being able to scrub out dirty diapers (he says he'll throw-up), Matt does it all. After working long days and going to school for his MBA 2 nights a week, he comes home and spends the rest of the day entertaining Gabriel. Gabe gets so excited to see Matt; they cuddle in the recliner, play together on the floor or do 'exercises' together. Matt will stand Gabe up and Gabe will try to walk or Matt will lay Gabe on his chest and Gabe wiggles his way up to Matt's face. It's so cute and I just love to watch my boys together. No matter how tired he is, Matt always has time for Gabriel and me.

We love him so much and just want to say..... HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY! Thanks for working so hard to give us a good life!

Gabriel and his Daddy.....

We love you Matt/Daddy :) Can't wait to spend these next 2 days with you!

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Those sleepy pictures of Daddy and Gabe are so very sweet. Love it!