Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Necklaces!

For weeks prior to the appearance of Gabe's first tooth, he was a drooling machine. And occasionally his teeth would bother him enough that'd he would become cranky. Since crankiness is not one of Gabe's normal attributes (I swear that he is one of the happiest babies ever) I knew we needed to do something to allieviate his symptoms (i.e. his crankiness).

Now, I'm not opposed to using medicine to allieviate pain however, I'd prefer to keep Gabriel away from medicines as much as we can. That thought coupled with the fact that there have been so many pediatric drug recalls lately, we were hesitant to give Gabe tylenol or motrin unless completely necessary.

And while I was researching natural methods for teething pain I came upon a lot of information for Baltic teething necklaces and I was intrigued. Now this wasn't the first time I'd heard of teething necklaces: a few years back when I worked at the child development center I had a mother ask if her son could wear one to school. The answer was an immediate no; just for what I thought was the obvious choking hazard.

But I digress. So I did a little (well, a lot) of research on teething necklaces and decided to give them a try. And then I did even more research to find the perfect one. And I think that I did!

Gabe wears his teething necklace fairly regularly; when I notice he's extra drooly or when he begins to fuss and put even more things than normal in his mouth :)

It seems to be working; he seems to have less teething pain and is quite happy when the excessive drooling and 'putting-everything-possible-in-your-mouth' starts.

And besides being effective, isn't he just the cutest person to ever where a necklace?

In case you're interested the site we ordered his necklace from is right here!

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Carrie said...

That is cool...I will have to check out! I do not like the over the counter stuff either and had to use it once on Moses this weekend because the teeth pills were not working...