Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life's a Beach

Otherwise known as the post with way too many pictures! But there were so many cute pictures taken that it was hard to choose. But as there were over 75 pictures taken, I did narrow it down a lot! You can thank me later!

So if there was ever any doubts about Gabe liking the beach, there's none now! He loves splashing in the water, sitting in the sand and just soaking up the sunshine. Of course he was heavily slathered in sunscreen, but that didn't damper his fun one bit!

Hope you enjoy looking at Gabe's first beach adventure. Because of the great success there will be MANY more to come!
The fun began even before hitting the water!

First time feeling sand on his feet.

Isn't that smile the best?

Let the water fun begin!

Trying to taste the water!

Gabe loved to splash.

Fun in the water!

Sarah and her "I don't wear bathing suit self" - I love you Sarah!!!

Gabe and Sammy relaxing on the blanket
Life at the beach... well, it's the best!