Friday, August 27, 2010

Gabe's Birthday!

While Gabe's birthday party wasn't scheduled until Saturday, Matt and I knew that we needed to do a little something on his actual birthday to commemorate the day! Fortunately (I think!) Matt had to study for a final that day and had taken the day off work.

After Gabe woke up....

we decided to go out to breakfast for Gabe's birthday and of course we went to First Watch. Going to First Watch is always exciting because they have the BEST breakfast food ever but today we added a little more excitement by ordering Gabe his first Belgium waffle. He shared it with me but Gabe did not disappoint and ate 3/4 of it himself!

He is so like his carb-loving Mama... hopefully it doesn't all go to his hips too though ;)
After a delicious breakfast Daddy went back home to study and Gabe and I went to The Great Lakes Science and Nature Center with his Nonny and cousin Ethan.

Gabe and Ethan in front Ethan's favorite fish

Gabe's as big as what type of fish?
a bald eagle

Ethan and Gabe sitting in a BIG tree

After the nature center, we headed home to see Daddy and go on a birthday walk around the neighborhood.
A pretty good birthday if I do say so myself!

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Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! Your Parents love you sooooo much! You are a handsome young man too. God Bless