Monday, August 30, 2010

The Verdict is in

But before you hear (ie read) the verdict, here are some pictures for your visual enjoyment of Gabriel at the park:)

Cute Gaby feet

And the verdict says: it's time to fix Gabriel's eye lid.

This decision of course comes with mixed emotions.
  • We're happy that Gabe was able to wait until after he was 1 to have this surgery.
  • We're sad that he has to have another eye surgery. 2 surgery's in less than 6 months for such a little boy seems like too much but we know there are others who have had it much harder.
  • We're grateful for a doctor and hospital that always help us make the best decision possible for our little boy. I once asked Dr. R what he would do if it was his son and every time we've met with him since I feel like he's still answering along those lines
  • We're scared that he'll be scared again after surgery like he was last time.
  • We're relieved that we're moving forward before Gabe's vision is more affected.
  • We're nervous that this could possibly be a series of surgeries for Gabriel.

Along with all of those feelings comes the fact that his surgery isn't scheduled yet because insurance considers this a 'non-necessary surgery.' If you can properly explain to me how a surgery that is going to help preserve Gabriel's eye sight is 'non-necessary' please do. If I laugh in your face as you try to explain how my sons eye sight isn't necessary, don't be offended.

I mean, come on!! Surgery to ensure Gabe can see is NOT necessary. Give me a break!

Thankfully we have been approved for secondary insurance through the Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps, so Gabe's surgery should be covered regardless. What a blessing BCMH has become to us!

So I suppose I should end this post by asking for your prayers; that Gabriel's surgery will go well, his recovery quick and his vision saved.

Hugs to you - from us and Gabe!


Dardi said...

Surgery is never a fun thing, but yay for you for being brave & taking the steps to help Gabe be everything he is supposed to be! He may be scared again, but the good news is that you will be there ready to comfort him.

Keep us posted! :o)

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

No worries, you are a great mom! I will definitely be praying for Gabe. What day is his surgery?