Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beach Party

Saturday August 21, 2010 dawned bright and early as our household finished up the preparations for Gabe's first birthday party! The sky looked gloomy which was a far cry from the beautiful weather that we had a year ago on August 21, 2009.

See, as much as we celebrate August 18 2009 for being Gabriel's birthday, August 21, 2009 is Gabriel's homecoming day. The day we brought him home from the hospital knowing he was ours... so having his first birthday on his homecoming day was especially sweet for us.

After getting everything ready we headed to the Koionina Lake for Gabe's party. And still the sky looked gloomy and of course shortly before the start of the party the rain began. It just drizzled on and off for the entire party but it didn't slow anyone down. Since it was a beach party, those who were going to go swim, became a little wetter on their way down to the lake.

And the rain taught me something, which is always good. But more on that later. For now... it's party time!

So many people came out to celebrate Gabriel's birthday with us and we couldn't have felt more blessed by all the love and happiness bestowed on us that day. If ever a baby was more celebrated, loved, cherished and adored... I'm not sure I would believe it. Gabriel is so loved and we are so grateful to all of you, near and far, party go-ers and birthday-well wishers alike.

Now, onto the pictures as I'm sure most of you come to see Gabe and not hear (read) me ramble!

Gabe was excited for his party!

His cake! Yummy!

Gabe's Smash Cake

My brother Mike and his BBQ pulled pork!

The tables!

Beach Party Go-ers! Some of Gabe's family and friends that came to the party!
'Auntie' Sondra and Nicole

Some people made it in the water......

Dan, Waverly and London

Gabe and Daddy

Kim & Georgia

Sarah, Daddy and Uncle Tony

Cody and his umbrella. See the rain did not stop any of us!

Buddy Wyatt and Charlie


Gabe's good friend Noah and his Mommy Anna

Lunch... no pulled pork for Gabe!

Waiting for his cake....

Smash Cake Time!!! And Gabe was totally uninterested...

Gabe and Daddy

Gabe and Mama

Some of his presents... boy was he blessed!

All in all a perfectly wonderful 1st birthday for our perfectly wonderful Gabe.

And if you want to see even more pictures, check out the August album on my facebook profile :) Yes, there are lots more.. thanks Lyndee!!!

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