Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eye update & Garden Soxx

Four days after surgery and Gabriel is doing fabulous. His eye looks remarkably well; the swelling is almost gone and he's already blinking some very deliberate blinks. The incredible thing is that Dr. R said the swelling should last about 6 weeks and it's about 85% gone now.

And I was a little nervous about how different Gabe would look after the surgery as I was accustomed to seeing his perpetual wink every time I looked at him. Somehow, and I'm not even sure this is possible but he got even cuter!! See!!!

a little blurry, but a close up of Gabe's open eye!

our boy with both his beautiful eyes open wide

Gabe, his surgery marks and a toy!

And now an abrupt change of subject. This past Spring our church handed out 300 Garden Soxx to needy families in our city. A Garden Soxx provides all the vegetables a family will need for the year in a small, above ground garden-esque tube.

The Garden Soxx were sponsored by the Filtrexx Foundation where a friend's (and church members) husband works. And now the Filtrexx Foundation has applied for a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project for $25,000. For $25,000 1,000 Garden Soxx will be handed out, feeding thousands of people from horribly depressed areas in Elyria, Lorain and Oberlin Ohio!

The top 10 ideas get $25,000 and right now 9 out of the 10 are to save animals. And while I love animals as much as the next person (maybe), I think ensuring children and families don't go hungry is a bit more important.

So click below and vote!


Dardi said...

Gabe looks awesome!!!

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

He looks great! He was always a cutie but it's really nice to see both of his pretty eyes huh?! Does it just amaze you every time you look at him?? What a great thing for him to be able to see out of both now!